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Lawn signs are in! Show your support.
Lawn signs are in! Show your support.
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It's your community. Have a say.
It's your community. Have a say.

Thank you to everyone who watched, and particiapted in the September 22, 2020 Public Hearing!

Why was the NO FLAMINGO HIGHRISE group formed?


NO FLAMINGO HIGHRISE is a community-based group formed to protect our neighbourhood from the negative impacts that the development of a 12-storey residential building will bring. The proposed building is planned for the southeast corner of Flamingo Road and Bathurst Street, and will be attached to the Chabad Flamingo Synagogue. Below are just some of the many impacts our community will face.


Congested Street Parking

Highcliffe Drive, Flamingo Road and Trafalgar Square residents already experience increased traffic volumes and non-residential parking on their streets during periods when the Synagogue parking lot is closed or when events are taking place.

Increased Traffic Congestion & Thru Traffic

The addition of a 12-storey building with 125 units and two floors of underground parking will significantly increase population density in this confined residential area resulting in more vehicular and foot traffic as residents and visitors travel to and from the building. In addition to the higher traffic volumes, this will heighten safety risks, particularly for young children, increase noise as well as air pollution in the neighbourhood.

Shading & Loss of Privacy

The loss of privacy and sun, the increased noise, and odours from garbage bins is of particular concern to those residents living adjacent, in front of, and backing onto this proposed developmentā€”both during and after construction.

Construction Disruption

The sheer scale of this project on such a tiny footprint will create construction disruption for several years. Immediate traffic congestion, noise pollution, increased street parking and thru traffic are just a few of the negative impacts the proposed development will bring.


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